January 30 Monetary Identity: Moving Up (6 class series)

As women grow into higher earning potentials, the unspoken rules
for success change. Implied meanings that women may not be aware of and
personal positioning as a whole person becomes just as important as a written
resume. Many women are left to figure out how to bridge the gap between where
they are now and where they want and need to go.

Overall Objectives: Understanding the gap of growth and connecting
women with the tools needed to construct a lifestyle which includes personal
values, current resources and social position. At the end of the class series,
participants will connect their personal values and areas of growth and create
a plan for a new monetary identity: one that realizes a holistic and prosperous
standard of living.

  1. Understanding the Gap: Learn about your own gap by identifying old
    patterns and reward systems that no longer fit.
  2. Values Based Lifestyle: Identify your top five values, and
    describe how or what resources are being directed towards your values.
  3. Life-Force Energy: Learn to identify the importance of their time
    in relation to their values.
  4. Monetary Identity, Part 1: Learn to recognize the multitude of
    monetary relationships and describe how their time, resources, and values
    create an identity.
  5. Monetary Identity, Part 2: Create a holistic monetary identity
    that corresponds with your current values, resources and goals.
  6. Pulling it Together and Moving Forward: Establish a goal plan, a
    “gap map” for closing your gap by integrating values into their
    monetary identity.

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