Small Change

I love the idea of making small changes and just allowing them to add up over time. Looking for small changes to report to your group about is totally addicting. This month I took the teacher’s advice about shaving off the clutter in your life to allow space for the things I really want: I wanted to look polished and well put together. I wanted to look like the boss.

So, I cleaned out my closet with the help of a girlfriend. I tried on every piece of clothing I owned and arranged it all by complete outfit. If I had a piece of clothing that did not fit into an outfit, I just sifted it out. I donated 12 bags of clothes to the Goodwill.

Here is the RICH CHICK part; I took the time to do the tax write off thing. I marked on a piece of paper how many of each item I had put in the bag and gave each category the value of what the thrift store sells it for. So a pair of pants was worth $7.00. I attached it to my receipt from Goodwill and put it in my taxes file.

Here is the GROOVY part. By adding up my stuff for Goodwill it was over $1700 in donations that I get to write off. I would have marked it on my taxes as $200 because I was thinking what I could get for it at a yard sale. What a lesson.

Dana from St Paul

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