Everyone has Something to Give

We all have gifts to offer the world and at Rich Chicks we take the Live Rich mantra very seriously. There are so many projects that we help create in our membership that allow resources to be shared to benefit the person sitting next to you and the family across the globe.

Did you know that Rich Chicks uses its computers to help fight disease and find donor matches that will benefit the health of all people of the world?

We are part of a group of more than 500,000 people who have opted to be part of a Community Research Grid. When we are not using our computer’s memory, we allow researchers to use our processing power to run in-depth calculations that do some amazing things. As of today we have helped calculate:

  • 246 results for Muscular Dystrophy donors, AIDS research, childhood cancer, and Malaria and Dengue Fever Research.
  • That is about 1,800 hours of research time that we have gifted to research by just letting them use our computer downtime. That is the equivalent of handing over a 35 hour a week researcher.

Other Projects

  • Rich Chicks is part of Kiva, an international micro-lending program that has gifted over loans to women and families all over the globe.
  • We partner with a local restaurant to provide the working poor a Thanksgiving filled with dignity and make it an event to be remembered.
  • The annual project ELF surprises families coming out of a shelter with a house full of furniture, trimmings, and all their holiday wishes come true.
  • Did I mention the SuperChick Gala, where honor is paid to 12 women for being amazing.

Some people ask me why I love being a sustaining member of Rich Chicks and why I am willing to have a monthly bank draft taken from my checking account. It is because as a community we have a lot to offer and as a community we can change the world with just a few of our resources. I like being a resource to make the world a better place.

What is the gift you have to give?

About Karen

Karen Karsten, CPCC, CAC, has had several business careers, in government, finance, retail and publishing. Each career was a building block that helped her create the life she has now as a coach, writer and executive director of Rich Chicks and Creative Principle of Think You Can LLC.

Her companies, Think You Can (www.thinkyoucan.net) and Rich Chicks (www.richchicks.org) both explore the magic of prosperity and creating clarity about life values. Karen has total faith in the magic of belief. Notice how that works either way: belief of magic, magic of belief. Magic is there—in you, too. Take a moment right now and honor the magic in you.

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