Great dates that are easy on the pocket book

Top 10 Date Suggestions from our Rich Chicks

beach walkThese are great ideas for new or long-time partners to try!

1) Aerobic Chicks dig a guy that is sweet and sweats. Dating doesn’t have to be fattening. Enjoy the great outdoors, go for a walk, a bike ride, or roller blade the lakes. Pack a refreshing drink for two like ice water with lemon, and a sweet brownie. Other notables are swimming, tree climbing in pine trees (anyone can get to the top), hot tubs, billiards, bowling, air hockey, and racquetball.

2) Multiple players are fun!. Have a movie party with friends and split the cost of renting movies. You can rent the entire series of something and have a whole Sunday as a date. Two or more couples, popcorn, snacks, beverages. We found some great movies for free at the local library.  Other notables: board games, chess at a coffee shop, and city tours.

3) Nothing can compare to some mouthwatering fare! Cooking together is a great date. Chicken wings, blue cheese dressing, oil to cook them in, a stalk of celery, and the buffalo sauce is very inexpensive and it’s, oh, so easy to prepare. Watch the grocery store ads and find a main course that’s on sale. Our grocery store recently had salmon on sale. We made a great dinner for two with asparagus and dill sauce.

4) Bauble shopping?  Be fun and creative because it’s a blast, not because your pockets are empty. Thrift store, second hand stores, and estate sales are too fun!  We got a Rockstar pin for a jean jacket, silly string, and some odd trinket party junk for a buck.

5)  Although this is not technically a date, it’s still notable. Go out of your way to do quirky and nice things. Bring a single flower, or a chocolate truffle in a pretty box.  Picnic in the park, download a favorite song to his/her cell phone so they hear it every time you call, vacuum their car, or tape a hand-written note somewhere they will see it.

6) Artsy Fartsy. Cruise local museums; most have free or reduced-price days and some have film series or live entertainment at night. Attend art gallery openings; get on their mailing lists and you’ll be invited to openings, which usually feature interesting art as well as free wine and cheese. In most cities, galleries will stay open one night a month. Be an usher at a theater and get to see the show for free.

7) Smartsy Wartsy. Look out for lectures on stuff you have no idea what it is.  Panel discussions, CD releases, and political parties all have some good people watching. Church groups have loads of free stuff to do and they always have cookies.

8) Tuneful Tendencies. Put together a really cool mix that has the perfect combo for both of you. DJ at a party together; go to local community band performance and see some great horn. Universities have everything from movie revivals to music recitals. Check out the campus website for listings.

9) Technical and industrious makes for a surprisingly fun time together. Learn a new computer program together, go pretend shopping for your mansion, see how a nuclear submarine works, or go to a book store and browse the technical section. Build a kit or model of something. Buy a used appliance at the Salvation Army, take it apart, and see if you two can put it back together again and have it work.

10) Crazy funny is on the money. Laughter is so sexy and releases more endorphins than pure morphine. Get drunk with laughter, check out a local comedy club, check out every fifth grade joke book from the library and review them; the library will also have comedians on audio/video. Our Chicks also found some great old magazines that held their laughter for weeks, or have a funniest story contest and make one up.


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