11 Let’s Talk About Television

Scary question: How much time do you spend sitting mindlessly in front of the TV or on your phone, surfing the net, playing video games and such? If you’re anything like the average American it’s a lot more than you’d like to admit or even think possible. Remember the post on Day 9 about a time journal? If you haven’t done it, now’s a great time!

I know, I know—it’s fun to sit down and watch your favorite TV show or hang out and game. When it’s intentional and this is how you choose to spend your time, go for it and enjoy. It only becomes problematic when time flies by and suddenly it is three hours later and you have no idea what just happened. That’s when TVs, gaming consoles, laptops, tablets and the like become time thieves–stealing minutes of your life that you will never get back.

Why is this a problem? Because time is a truly limited resource! You can probably find a way to get more of everything else, be it money, friends, or something easy like bread. But time, we can’t get back and we don’t get more of it either. There’s no way to earn a few extra hours. We all work with 24 of them per day. Since they are our most limited resource, we should make sure we use them wisely and intentionally.

Today’s challenge: Become more aware of what’s eating up a lot of your time when it comes to this type of entertainment. Instead of mindlessly popping down on the couch after a day at work and drifting off until it’s time to go to bed, think about it before you do. Is this how you want to spend your time? If so, go ahead. If there’s something else you want to try, go for it. In other words, start making conscious choices about your free time.

Maybe you decide to go for a walk first, or meet up with a friend for a couple of beers before heading to the living room. Maybe you decide to read a book or have a meaningful conversation with your spouse or children. Maybe you decide to dust off the old board games for some non-electronic interactive family fun. Pick what makes the most sense to you. Find something purposeful to do with all those extra hours in your day.

You’ll be amazed at just how much free time you have once you stop wasting it. Suddenly there is time for that new hobby you thought you couldn’t get around to. There’s time to get in some exercise and still find time to watch your favorite movie. Being intentional and purposeful with your time, particularly during those times of the day when it would otherwise just slip away minute by minute never to return, can have a profound on your life and your well being.

About Karen

Karen Karsten, CPCC, CAC, has had several business careers, in government, finance, retail and publishing. Each career was a building block that helped her create the life she has now as a coach, writer and executive director of Rich Chicks and Creative Principle of Think You Can LLC.

Her companies, Think You Can (www.thinkyoucan.net) and Rich Chicks (www.richchicks.org) both explore the magic of prosperity and creating clarity about life values. Karen has total faith in the magic of belief. Notice how that works either way: belief of magic, magic of belief. Magic is there—in you, too. Take a moment right now and honor the magic in you.


  1. Television not a problem for me, watch very little.
    But I do lime to catch Wheel of Fortune sometime. Have started working pout on the elliptical or treadmill when its on. At least that way I get some exercise during my guilty pleasure. 🙂

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