1 Your Morning Determines Your Day

I like the idea of getting up early and getting things done. It just didn’t seem to happen. I worked nights for many years, and then days and even from midnight to 8 am too. I loved the idea of working days, but to be honest, my best times aren’t sunrise time.

I realize that each new day brings new opportunities and it’s a chance to start fresh and do better. I know a lot of people who get up super early and have four hours in before I even finish my first cup of coffee. I admire their productivity!  With this in mind, I researched mornings and how they affect your whole day. Could I do early girly? Wasn’t sure, but hey, gotta try! I’m bringing back order from chaos!

I found that how you start your day, or more specifically how you spend those first few morning hours has a big impact on the rest of it. Think of it as setting the tone for your entire day. That’s why making over your morning is so important. It’s about much more than those first few hours.

I’m sure you’ve experienced this yourself. Let’s use the snooze button as an example. You set an early alarm to make sure you have time for exercise, meditation, or simply some much needed “me time”. You have every intention of getting up and doing whatever you’re setting out to do that’s why you set the alarm in the first place. Some mornings – hopefully most mornings – you get up when the alarm chimes and go for that walk, do your meditation exercise, or read a book for twenty minutes. Then there are those days when you just can’t make yourself get up. You hit the snooze button multiple times, or turn the alarm off altogether and go back to sleep.

Think about how the rest of those days went. Did you notice a difference in how you felt? How much did you got done on the mornings when you got up with your first alarm? Were you able to do all the things you set out to do? How did those days compare to the ones when you hit the snooze button over and over again?

Did you notice that the mornings when you got up as soon as the alarm went off went a lot smoother? As a bonus you probably got done what you planned to do, too. Chances are that sleeping through the snooze button didn’t just affect your morning, but the entire rest of your day. You set the tone for how your day is going to go first thing in the morning. That’s what the old saying about getting up on the wrong side of the bed is about. Let’s make sure we get up on the right side and start our day off in a positive and productive way.

Over the course of the next seven days, I want to guide you through the process I used to make over my morning—maybe it will help your day too. This is a good thing to work on and pay attention to. Even if the alarm goes off much earlier than you’d like, getting up and diving into the morning will make the entire rest of your day go much smoother.

From chaos to order,  Karen

About Karen

Karen Karsten, CPCC, CAC, has had several business careers, in government, finance, retail and publishing. Each career was a building block that helped her create the life she has now as a coach, writer and executive director of Rich Chicks and Creative Principle of Think You Can LLC.

Her companies, Think You Can (www.thinkyoucan.net) and Rich Chicks (www.richchicks.org) both explore the magic of prosperity and creating clarity about life values. Karen has total faith in the magic of belief. Notice how that works either way: belief of magic, magic of belief. Magic is there—in you, too. Take a moment right now and honor the magic in you.


  1. I love early! When I am up early everything seems to be clearer because it’s quiet. Sitting still and having devotion time sets my stage. This is going to be a great “reset button” for me.

    Thanks Karen

    • Thanks for your comment, Wanda. For those of us who aren’t natural getter-uppers, finding a pace and time is really important, too.

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