Day 9 Savor the Small Stuff – Don’t Sweat it!

“Don’t sweat the small stuff” they say. And they – whoever “they” is, have a good point. It’s easy to get caught up in all the little things that stress us out and ruin our day. Frankly it’s not worth wasting a lot of energy on a many of the things that happen on a daily basis that we don’t like.  We could get upset over the fact that someone else took the last good parking spot or that the grocery store is out of our favorite brand of cereal.

Or we can choose to not make a big deal out of it and use that small annoyance to practice seeing the positive side of things. Having to park further away means we get to exercise a little and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine for a couple of minutes while we stroll into the office. Not being able to find our favorite cereal, means we get a chance to try something new that we may like even better.

As human beings we have a choice in how we look at things–there are often two sides (or more!) to any situation. Make it a goal to look on the bright side and watch your happiness and contentment go up. Then take it a step further and start to really pay attention to all the good stuff around you. You might surprise yourself!

There’s a lot of value in noticing all the positive things around you. There’s a lot of little things in your life that will put a smile on your face, if you take the time to notice them. Make it a habit to spend some of your downtime this week savoring the small stuff. Notice how your cup of coffee smells, how it warms your hands on a cool morning, and how it tastes. Pay attention to the birds outside your window and notice how watching them and their antics makes you smile. Appreciate the hugs you get from friends and family. In other words, savor all the small stuff that makes you happy. Make the time to notice it.

Over the coming weeks, practice noticing and savoring the small stuff. Don’t let the bad stuff bring you down. Instead, make it a goal to find something positive about everything that happens to you throughout the day. Pay particular attention to what makes you smile. Before long you will feel this simple little exercise making a big difference in your overall outlook on life.

About Karen

Karen Karsten, CPCC, CAC, has had several business careers, in government, finance, retail and publishing. Each career was a building block that helped her create the life she has now as a coach, writer and executive director of Rich Chicks and Creative Principle of Think You Can LLC.

Her companies, Think You Can ( and Rich Chicks ( both explore the magic of prosperity and creating clarity about life values. Karen has total faith in the magic of belief. Notice how that works either way: belief of magic, magic of belief. Magic is there—in you, too. Take a moment right now and honor the magic in you.


  1. Ahh being in the moment and enjoying the small stuff !

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