Prosperity Levels

Rich Chicks invented the six levels of prosperity-based education.  All of our classes, lectures, products, book reviews, and community resources are aimed toward meeting you where you are and getting you to where you need to go.

Level 1: Getting Grounded

Color – Red

Name – Base

Goals – Stability, grounding, physical health, prosperity, trust, pay bills on time create a budget, get an education, open your mind, identify networks, transportation needs met, health insurance

Level 2: Meeting the Money

Color – Orange

Name – Interaction

Goals –  Fluidity, pleasure, setting up systems, create order, sorting, time management, throw away clutter, legal work, show up for your own life creative ideas from outside information, connecting ideas, Self-gratification, allowing new ways of thought into your everyday thinking

Level 3: Goal Setting

Color – Yellow

Name – Mapping

Goals –  Pulling together needs and wants to get a plan, allowing feelings to emerge, engage in realistic goals with a measurement of success attached to them, acknowledge shame and unload blame, attack issues you have avoided because of fear, identify passive behavior and prosperity blocking behavior, consignment of items that you no longer want, introduction of WIN/WIN behaviors

Level 4: Self Realizations

Color – Green

Name – Understanding

Goals – Creating core values, allowing your beliefs to lead your life path,balance, compassion, self-acceptance, good relationships, accepting compliments, having a track record, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, the ability to exhale and let go, mind and body working together, compassion, personal presence, manifesting you desires, shaking your booty when you are proud of your self

Level 5: Living and speaking your Values

Color – Blue

Name – Expression

Goals – HAVE FUN! Clear communication, creativity, resonance, intelligent thoughtful answers, thinking win/win as your first thought, creative problem solving without fear, filling out a job application that is slightly beyond your reach, quality instead of quantity, shopping only with purpose, gifting, dance, exercise, creativity that is flows from inside sources, desire to do large projects that you would have avoided in the past

Living Your Values

Level 6: Continued Growth

Color – Purple

Name – Awakening

Goals – Accurate interpretation, imagination in action, take extra time to see the whole picture, use wisdom of others, personal knowledge, consciousness, allow magic into your life, give thanks to the Divine and those that sit at your table, acting win/win, create longer range goals and life paths, action for purpose.

Start where you are–we will meet you there.