15 Minute Knee Prosperity Walks April 15


Arriving at Lund’s with the Sun, glorious Sun!


Beth Desotelle is thinking about the value of post-it notes for flexible planning

Prosperity is everywhere in life. Just having that expectation leads to the unexpected! Most Wednesdays, I have at least two events or appointment that I need to be at. This Wednesday morning, I was at Lund’s Uptown before 9 am for the Rich Chicks’ NW2 Mastermind Group meeting.  For the next few sessions, we will be looking at and experimenting with creativity tools.  Part of today’s prosperity was teaching part of what I know about creativity to others. What I get back from teaching seeing how it adds to other’s prosperity.  Knowledge is power.


Kate Minor and Trena Bolden Fields



Evening was Gray Market Income, class six–final brainstorming and graduation party! It is so gratifying to see the amazing development of  strong creative women.  The room wass too small for the big ideas!


The Mickey Mikeworth Galaxy of stars!



We are SO proud of our graduates. Congratulations to Ashlee Olds, Beth Desotelle, Colette DeHarpporte, Donna McKirdy, Elizabeth Ramos, Heidi Pliam, Jaci Salley, Judy Malmon, Jan Hoistad, Jeannine Pohl, Katherine Minor, Sara Nachreiner, Tanya Hagre, Nicole Urbach, Tracy Gorman, Danni Dickson




15 Minute Knee Walks April 14

.RUn-run-run day. Start with a medium latte with an extra shot. Off to St. Vincent dePaul on West Seventh. Then to Lund’s Penfield. Then home.