Stars Above, Stars Below

starry nightIs astrology your guilty pleasure? Looking at your horoscope in the paper or online doesn’t really give you a picture of YOU. For that you need an astrologer. I’m pleased to present guest blogger, Sharon Leah, writer, artist and astrologer.

Humans have been staring into space and following the movement of planets and stars for eons.  

Isaac Newton said: That which is below is like that which is above and that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing. And he was echoing a philosophy that had existed since at least the 3rd Century. What he and many others were saying is that when planets, including the Sun and Moon, move through the signs and degrees of the zodiac belt, applying to and separating from relationships with other, those activities are mirrored in the events and actions we take here on earth. Do you think that’s weird? I agree. But nonetheless, it works.  

After working with astrology for 16 years, I know it is a powerful indicator of what is likely to happen. I know that what often does happen is predicable, because people’s behaviors are predictable. I know that each of our lives holds promises for what CAN BE. And I know, without doubt, that each of us is the director of our own life—but we don’t always see it that way.  

Almost two years ago, I had the very good fortune to attend an Astrology conference in Chandler, Arizona. The topic of that conference was Traditional Astrology. It was there that my study of astrology took a sharp turn, and I’ve never looked back.   

Each astrologer develops their own approach to astrology, consultations, and working with clients. I approach astrology from a traditional point of view, which means I practice being objective and leave the psychology for therapists to manage. I use objective analysis to interpret what I see in the chart, and then I tell you how and where these occurrences can show up in day-to-day life. I don’t try to interpret what’s in your mind.  

A consultation is a conversation. You talk and I’ll talk. And I’ll ask questions, because I’m not a psychic or a mind-reader. You know how your life works, and you are the best authority. You can ask questions, too. My goal for each consultation is that you’ll have information you can use to make choices and decisions about what you want to do in your life.

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