Build Confidence in Yourself One Day at a Time

Many of us have many goals and dreams we envision for our lives, but without self-confidence, we’ll get nowhere with them.  Building confidence in yourself will give you the motivation you need to achieve everything you want out of life.
Here are three exercises you can try each day to gain the self-confidence you need.
Start a journal. A confidence-boosting journal should contain positive things you did for that day. Most people accomplish a lot of little things in the span of 24 hours, but don’t really think of them as achievements.  As you look back on your entries of positive accomplishments, it will give you motivation to achieve even more.
List your goals in baby steps.  Instead of setting a goal to accomplish the whole thing at once, try breaking it down in tiny steps that need to meet each day. Each time you get to cross off the little steps, you gain more confidence in yourself and you’ll empower yourself to reach the next step until you’ve achieved the primary goal.
Read inspirational quotes.  Search the Internet or purchase a book with lots of inspirational quotes on confidence or self-esteem. Read one of the quotes daily and see if you can apply it to your life throughout the day.
 Here’s a little pocket journal you can fold up and tuck into your pocket or purse!

Self confidence Affirmation Journal

Monetary Identity Session 2: Values-Based Lifestyle

Hesitant to sign up because you don’t know what Monetary Identity is all about? Read our series of blog posts that explain the amazing content.

What do we mean by living a value-based lifestyle?  We mean truly understanding what your top five (approximately) values are that you absolutely stand by.  These are the brick-and-mortar foundation of your beliefs of what it means to be you and supports the actions you take.

It is hard work to identify your top values and actually explain them to yourself and others. Monetary Identity takes values clarification to the next level by allocating resources to those values. Your values show up in how you make decisions, how you live your life, how you spend or don’t spend your money. Register now to be be part of this life-enhancing process. Use code gap to get an impressive $50.00 off the price until March 17.

Values are different from beliefs, and many people get them confused. People use both to guide their actions and behavior, but they are essentially different. Values unite people—beliefs separate. Many people are not aware of many of the limiting beliefs they have about money, work and their own talents. These are the beliefs that will push prosperity away from you.

Values and beliefs both guide your decisions—sometimes subconsciously. Bringing them into the light and examining values and beliefs often surprises people. The values clarification part of this series has been life-changing for many of our students.  Register now



Monetary Identity: Understanding the Gap

The Monetary Identity class, which starts March 22, begins with an examination of “the gap.” What “gap” are we referring to?  We are referring to the gap of what we have been taught regarding what employers want and what the new rules are.

What business is looking for in the job area has changed. Now your outside life is included in your professional life, especially if you are seeking upward mobility.  Do you have a life outside of work?  What is the quality of that life outside of work?  Do you volunteer?  Have you received any social awards?  This is what employers or other organizations want to know.  This shows them what kind of leader you are.  It shows them your monetary identity.  What is worth your time?  Are you worth their time?  Will you bring social skills along with your business skills?

This gap also includes the still present wage gap between men and women.  Women have the upper edge in combining social skills and business skills.  Women need to realize and understand their worth to companies or other organizations and expect to be rewarded at the same level as a man with the same skills.

If you understand the skills you have, you can determine a clearer picture of your monetary identity.  What is it you want in exchange for those skills? Know what that is and accept only that or better. Monetary Identity: Prosperity from the Inside Out helps you discover what your gap is and appreciate with confidence what you bring to the table. Register here.  Use discount code gap by March 17 to get $50.00 off.

Take Care of Yourself!

Don’t you just hate it when people show up to work or meetings obviously ill? Coughing, sneezing and in general looking like death is not only at their doorway, but they graciously are bringing it to you as well! But hey, they made it in to work! Do everyone a favor, including yourself, and stay home! If you are a business owner, you too need to pay attention to what your body is saying and take care of yourself.

If you get sick, then be sick- so many people try to work through their illness, like it is a badge of honor or something to push though. Stop. If you are sick, then stay in bed. Getting sick is your body’s way of telling you to slow down! You will feel better faster if you just accept that you are ill and take a break. Plus, you will not be contaminating your family, clients, co-workers and others around you. So grab some hot tea or juice, Kleenex, binge on Nexflix and let your body heal!

PS: If you don’t start feeling better, see a doctor if you haven’t already. Your health is your most valuable natural resource–take care.


5 Ways to Get More Done Every Day

Girl Preparing to Pool DiveDo you feel like you are always behind? Can’t get enough done? There just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you need to do. Stressful? Yes. Frustrating? Yes. These emotional states can cause a flood-like release of hormones that cause physical and mental health problems.

Here are 5 tips to help you jump into your (better) day!

1 – Write It Down

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on an expensive day planner. Some people could effectively manage the world with simple sticky notes and scratch pieces of paper. You have a much greater chance of accomplishing something when you write it down, rather than just locking it away on your mental to-do list.

2 – Don’t Think of Your Daily Responsibilities as Tasks or Chores

The words “task” and “chore” don’t taste good in the mouth. They make you think you have to do something, rather than wanting to do it. Tell yourself that your daily responsibilities are something you enjoy doing, and you will look forward to scratching them off your to-do list and moving onto the next one.

3 – Get Plenty of Rest

You may be one of those people who thinks you only need 4 to 6 hours of sleep every night to function properly. Try that 2 or 3 nights in a row and see how productive you are. Adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep on a daily basis for good health and high energy levels. You can’t accomplish much of anything when you are tired, worn down, and suffering from mental and physical fatigue.

4 – Stop “Winging It”

You may be very good at putting out fires, thinking off of the top of your head and working productively on the fly. But is this really the best way to get things done? The human brain craves order, discipline, routine and standard operating procedures. Create routines in your life, stick to those routines, and do them at the same time each day to get more accomplished.

5 – Don’t Check Your Email First Thing in the Morning

Fortune 500 CEOs are some of the busiest people on the planet. Studies and interviews with these uber-productive individuals show most of them get up and get working first thing in the morning, and don’t check their email until after lunch. You don’t have to own a Fortune 500 company to benefit from this productivity hack.

Great dates that are easy on the pocket book

Top 10 Date Suggestions from our Rich Chicks

beach walkThese are great ideas for new or long-time partners to try!

1) Aerobic Chicks dig a guy that is sweet and sweats. Dating doesn’t have to be fattening. Enjoy the great outdoors, go for a walk, a bike ride, or roller blade the lakes. Pack a refreshing drink for two like ice water with lemon, and a sweet brownie. Other notables are swimming, tree climbing in pine trees (anyone can get to the top), hot tubs, billiards, bowling, air hockey, and racquetball.

2) Multiple players are fun!. Have a movie party with friends and split the cost of renting movies. You can rent the entire series of something and have a whole Sunday as a date. Two or more couples, popcorn, snacks, beverages. We found some great movies for free at the local library.  Other notables: board games, chess at a coffee shop, and city tours.

3) Nothing can compare to some mouthwatering fare! Cooking together is a great date. Chicken wings, blue cheese dressing, oil to cook them in, a stalk of celery, and the buffalo sauce is very inexpensive and it’s, oh, so easy to prepare. Watch the grocery store ads and find a main course that’s on sale. Our grocery store recently had salmon on sale. We made a great dinner for two with asparagus and dill sauce.

4) Bauble shopping?  Be fun and creative because it’s a blast, not because your pockets are empty. Thrift store, second hand stores, and estate sales are too fun!  We got a Rockstar pin for a jean jacket, silly string, and some odd trinket party junk for a buck.

5)  Although this is not technically a date, it’s still notable. Go out of your way to do quirky and nice things. Bring a single flower, or a chocolate truffle in a pretty box.  Picnic in the park, download a favorite song to his/her cell phone so they hear it every time you call, vacuum their car, or tape a hand-written note somewhere they will see it.

6) Artsy Fartsy. Cruise local museums; most have free or reduced-price days and some have film series or live entertainment at night. Attend art gallery openings; get on their mailing lists and you’ll be invited to openings, which usually feature interesting art as well as free wine and cheese. In most cities, galleries will stay open one night a month. Be an usher at a theater and get to see the show for free.

7) Smartsy Wartsy. Look out for lectures on stuff you have no idea what it is.  Panel discussions, CD releases, and political parties all have some good people watching. Church groups have loads of free stuff to do and they always have cookies.

8) Tuneful Tendencies. Put together a really cool mix that has the perfect combo for both of you. DJ at a party together; go to local community band performance and see some great horn. Universities have everything from movie revivals to music recitals. Check out the campus website for listings.

9) Technical and industrious makes for a surprisingly fun time together. Learn a new computer program together, go pretend shopping for your mansion, see how a nuclear submarine works, or go to a book store and browse the technical section. Build a kit or model of something. Buy a used appliance at the Salvation Army, take it apart, and see if you two can put it back together again and have it work.

10) Crazy funny is on the money. Laughter is so sexy and releases more endorphins than pure morphine. Get drunk with laughter, check out a local comedy club, check out every fifth grade joke book from the library and review them; the library will also have comedians on audio/video. Our Chicks also found some great old magazines that held their laughter for weeks, or have a funniest story contest and make one up.


Ten Minute Trip to a New You

1440201632zm1nsTake 10 minutes to dream about lands far away.

Have paper and a pen handy.Relax.

Imagine you are in a new place with all new rules.

You have a chance to invent who you are.

There are no limits.

  • Where on the planet would you be?
  • What does your hair, clothing, and body look like?
  • What would you spend you daytime hours doing?
  • What would you eat for breakfast?
  • How would money flow into your life?
  • Where would you buy your food?
  • What kind of books or magazines would you read?
  • How would you communicate with the outside world?
  • How much sleep would you get in a 24 hour period?
  • What is exciting about this new land?


Now come back to your present life.

  • How does it feel to be back in your present life compared to the dream life?
  • Will you REALLY travel to your dream life or will it stay a dream?
  • What can you do to bring part of this far away land back to your present day life?
  • How can you add more juicy stuff to your daily routine?

Now sign and date this example and tuck it away so you can look at it when you feel your life gets crazy. Try this several times!

Twists and Turns in Your Life Path?

bridgw fogToday, reflect on the path of your life, and all of the unexpected twists and turns that you have found in the terrain. What was a particular challenge?  What can you take from that experience and apply to your life in a positive way?  What unexpected — and perhaps unrecognizable — gifts have you been given on your path?

~taking the road less traveled by, Karen

Being the Change

GratefulForTagTake a moment and think about a change you’d like to see in the world.  Then, reflect on the ways that YOU can be the change you want to make in the world.  Create your journal entry while thinking of the ways that you positively impact the lives of the people in your immediate circles, as well as ways that you could continue to cultivate those connections.  Feel a sense of gratitude for your ability to change your environment just by being who you are!

Spinning on the edge of Spring–Karen

Obstacles as Opportunity

bridgw fogToday, be conscious of looking at your obstacles as fantastic opportunities! Every obstacle or challenge is an opportunity for a new lesson learned and new growth to take place. After a day of focusing on the blessings that are disguised as unpleasant stuff, what comes to mind?