Do You Doodle?

Do you doodle on purpose or just when you are bored? I used to doodle only when my attention was waning and my mind wandered off to somewhere in the joy jungle of my right brain. If someone glanced at me in a meeting and saw me doodling, I would quickly cover it up. Now I know that doodling actually helps me pay attention! Interesting study here. “Alleluia,” says my right brain. “Let me at it!”

So I started doodling on purpose, and enlisted the aid of two books on the subject that you might find interesting. (and yes, they are affiliate links, but I do actually own both of these books). You can actually solve problems with doodles, not just create them at meetings. If you are a color pen freak, get out your pens and an unlined piece of paper. If you are not a color pen freak, my strong suggestion is that you become one. On the piece of paper, write a word for your problem. Like, say, MONEY. Then just start doodling. I like having a kind of structured way to doodle, which both of these books illustrate. After a bit of easy doodling, just see if you come up with some words that pertain to your problem. Write them down quickly and keep do-do-doodling.  The doodle below is one I did about time. So–do you  doodle?  Pens ready? GO!   Best, Karen

medbig doodle

Creative Doodling & Beyond: Inspiring exercises, prompts, and projects for turning simple doodles into beautiful works of art

Doodles Unleashed: Mixed-Media Techniques for Doodling, Mark-Making & Lettering

Got Fun? It’s Cheap and Healthy

One of the best ways to improve your life is to have more fun. Learning to take time to have fun is hard sometimes. In this busy world, there are always a million things you think you have to get done–NOW! What if fun was a priority in your life–so important that you put it on your calendar? That’s right, schedule some spontaneous fun.

Your Inner Child
Now’s the time to let your inner child become your outer child.
The health benefits of adding to your fun quotient are well-documented and with a little planning, surprisingly cheap. What is fun for you? Create your inner child fun list of things you already love to do and things you would llike to try.
In Case Your Funometer is on Empty…
There are lots of ways to add fun, so if you can’t think of fun stuff because you’re out of practice,  here’s 30 fun things to do and Simple Dollar has over 100 things to do during a money-free weekend. Not all of them are my idea of fun, but maybe I need to broaden my funometer criteria.
Buy a Good Joke Book and Share It
No kidding–telling jokes is fun and silly–be sure you get your silly on as often as possible. It’s easy to forget how much fun silly is! There are lots of joke books out there–grab one and just open a page and read a joke out loud–even if it makes you groan! Kids love jokes too and there are lots of kid joke books too.
So, got fun? Located your silly spot? Learned a new elephant or knock-knock joke? Got that kite out and ready? Great–I’m so proud of you!


I don’t think we celebrate often enough. Maybe we think only “special” occasions on a calendar are to be celebrated. And what about some of those days on the calendar? Ever wonder who thinks up some of the holidays you might see on the calendar? Here are just a few coming up on October 15:

  • Charlotte’s Web Birthday 1952
  • I Love Lucy Day 1951
  • National Grouch Day

See more

Seeing this calendar made me realize that I could just make up a holiday! What the heck, if we can recognize and celebrate grouches, anything is possible. I decided to go ahead and make up my own holidays to celebrate, and you should, too. Here’s a few of mine:

Say Yes Day. Maybe I’ll make this one a week–it has such a glorious ring to it. I will say yes to new things more often. I will think Yes!

Say No Day. I will say no more often so that I can say yes more.

Organized Chaos Day. I will start with the big closet that I haven’t seen the back of since 2001. I will take everything out and look at it. I think this will be both painful and funny as heck–and yea! Stuff is gone.

Toss Make up I Hate Day. Do you have a drawer full of cosmetics you bought and hate? Samples you got and never used? Why do I still have this stuff? Was it because it was expensive or has a cool container? I don’t know. It’s all going. Celebrate your spacious drawer! What might go in there now?

Take My Pennies to the Bank Day I hate pennies–they are heavy and I seem to collect a lot of them. I put them in a jar and always never remember to take them to the bank.

Now I will have a special day to do that–and prevent a nation-wide penny shortage. Do you hoard pennies somewhere? When the pennies are redeemed, it’s time to celebrate!

Just Be Day. That’s it–just be. No plan, no appointments. A date with myself to do nothing. Let my thoughts catch up with me and blossom.

I hope you thought of some cool holidays for yourself? Did you? What are they? I’m still coming up with more–now all I have to do is figure out how to work them into my calendar. Oh, wait, maybe that’s another celebration. National Put Important Things on the Calendar Day.


Is money what you think of when you think about wealth? Money is tangible–you can touch it, save it, spend it, put it in your pocket. What about the intangibles that are not measured or counted into your “net worth?”

There are so many things that make our lives richer that are not money. What if you started to become consciously aware of all the abundance, wealth, and prosperity that are in your life? What would you find? What is already in your life that you can’t deposit in the bank or spend, but that would make you feel poorer if it wasn’t there?

I invite you to put a value on things like friends, family, favors, love that come to you every day by acknowledging them. You might not be able to come up with a dollar amount, but these all add value to your life in big ways.  Give it a try–count your blessings and make them a part of your “net worth.” You might be surprised at how wealthy you really are—and how much more prosperous you become just by paying attention.

Here are a couple of ways to keep track of the “invisible” but priceless wealth in your life.

One page 7 day gratitude journal  RC Gratitude Journal  First page is the instructions for folding. Journal is the second page.

Ecourse: Accounting Your Blessings

Money,Time and Independence

by Karen Karsten

Independence is our July theme. The dictionary defines independence as freedom from the control, influence, support or aid of others. Well, that’s the dictionary’s definition. What does independence mean to you? Many people think it’s about money, financial independence–enough money to do whatever they want. When I think about it, though, independence would also have to include time-time to do what I want. There are only 24 hours in a day, I know, so even though I can’t get more than that, I thought it would be fun to play with the idea of money and time.

Money and time are very connected. Money buys time. Just a quick list of how much time I could buy in a week if I bought someone else’s time:

  • Mow lawn/shovel snow: 2 hours
  • Wash and fold laundry: 2 hours
  • Clean house (for real): 3 hours
  • Personal trainer at your house: 1 -2 hours (your drive time to gym and back)
  • Grocery shopping: 2 hours
  • Cook: 7 hours
  • Driver: say 8 hours

So I could easily buy 26 hours a week—maybe more, if I had the resources. What a lovely thought! How many hours could you buy?

Money and time can both be saved, money can go in a bank, but where does your saved time go? Often, it just melts away—a few minutes here and there. What if you started keeping track of your saved time and put it in a “time bank” where you deposited all those minutes? Then when you want time for yourself, you could make a withdrawal! What would a time bank look like to you? Get creative–create a time bank and start saving those scraps of time to spend later. Tick tock!