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   Cute ideas for candy corn for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. I know, I know–it’s pure sugar.

  Of course you don’t have to eat it, but it looks great. And it’s my favorite vegetable.  Click here to download a copy–our free     gift to you.

Powerful Women in American Business

I just read the October 6 edition of Fortune magazine, which lists and describes the 50 most powerful women in business. The list “is compiled by Fortune editors, who consider four criteria: the size and importance of the woman’s business in the global economy, the health and direction of the business, the arc of the woman’s career (resume and runway ahead), and social and cultural influence.”

The column to your left lists the top ten women in business in America–see if you know who is with what company. Click on the company to find out if you are right. Knowing the stories of successful women is important–it shows us possibilities and success models.  This issue of Fortune lists 50 powerful women–each story is pretty amazing.

From years of teaching and coaching women, Rich Chicks has found that how we feel about money affects how we feel about our power to affect the world. The more comfortable you are about having power, the more money you are likely to make. Some people, especially women, don’t like to think about power or are afraid of it, so consciously or unconsciously avoid both power and wealth. Power in and of itself is not negative. I invite you to try journaling on these questions to discover your feelings about money and power:

  1. If I were wealthy and successful, I would…
  2. If I were wealthy and successful, I wouldn’t…
  3. If I get too powerful, I might…
  4. Power is dangerous when…
  5. A powerful woman is…
  6. A powerful man is…
  7. The advantage of not being powerful is…
Who are some of the women you admire?  Why?

Four Steps to Creating a Positive Money Mindset

The Rich Chicks idea of true prosperity is that it isn’t just about money. True richness comes from the integration of body, mind, spirit and resources. We know that a certain amount of money and resources are needed to have a comfortable lifestyle that encourages flourishing in all areas of your life. The Law of Attraction (LOA) says “See it, believe it and you will receive it. Many people think that see, believe, receive alone will develop a Positive Money Mindset, and they wonder why it isn’t working—‘why isn’t money flowing to me?”

The reason might be there are a couple of missing parts to the LOA, such as knowing what you want and DOing something to make it happen. Another big piece is to truly examine your relationship to money itself. How you think and feel about money are the most important factors in determining whether you are wealthy or not.  Rich Chicks has a fun exercise to help you explore your relationship to money. Going deep and identifying old beliefs is the first step to developing a positive money mindset, one that can help attract more money and resources in your life. You and Money exercise.

You may not even be consciously aware of many ideas you have about money. Were you taught to think negatively about money?  Children are often told things like “money is the root of all evil,” and “money doesn’t grow on trees.”  No wonder we have such difficult time thinking positively about money! You may have even been taught that rich people are greedy. These messages can cause you to subconsciously avoid wealth and miss out on the great opportunities having money can provide.  When you hold on to negative and incorrect beliefs about money, you will not create the wealth you desire or deserve. Using information from the exercise above, check out your own feelings and beliefs about money. What old beliefs do you have? Take a few minutes to quickly write about your beliefs—are they really your beliefs, or are they messages from childhood?

Now that you know what negative beliefs are there, you can change your money mindset. Money is not good or bad by itself. It is just a tool—money creates choice. Money is more often used for good things, like the many charities that have been able to help people all around the world through donations of money. Take a moment to appreciate all the good that money is used for. It is an important part of life and is often used to make positive changes in the world.

Here are four steps you can take toward your Positive Money Mindset

  1.  Recognize that money is abundant. When you were young, you may have been told that money doesn’t grow on trees. If you’re holding onto a belief like that now, your own mindset could be holding you back from attracting money. Money may not grow on trees, but there is an abundant amount of it for everyone, including you. The poverty mindset believes that money is scarce. Having that belief or a similar one, will keep prosperity far away from you.
  2. Giving money away is another way you can develop a positive money mindset. Wanting to hang onto every cent you have is a sign of a poverty mindset and reinforces the idea that there is not enough of it. Giving reinforces the concept of abundance, and creates choice for someone or some cause that you help with your money.  You can be a philanthropist with any amount of money—pay it forward!
  3.  Be grateful for what you already have—this immediately puts you in a positive mindset because you are focusing on what you have, not what you lack. Mindful appreciation is powerful.
  4.  Finally, be happy for those who are successful and have money. We might remember being told that those who have money are greedy and are tempted to think negatively about them. In fact, the opposite is usually true. Rich people often accumulate their wealth by sharing what they have with others and believing in the idea of abundance. When someone else has money, don’t resent their success. Jealousy will only hold you back from achieving your own wealth and success. Instead, be happy for their abundance and remember that there is enough wealth for you too.

By making these changes in how you think about money, you will be on your way to developing a Positive Money Mindset. Once you begin thinking about money in a truly positive way, you will be on the path to attracting wealth.