Build Confidence in Yourself One Day at a Time

Many of us have many goals and dreams we envision for our lives, but without self-confidence, we’ll get nowhere with them.  Building confidence in yourself will give you the motivation you need to achieve everything you want out of life.
Here are three exercises you can try each day to gain the self-confidence you need.
Start a journal. A confidence-boosting journal should contain positive things you did for that day. Most people accomplish a lot of little things in the span of 24 hours, but don’t really think of them as achievements.  As you look back on your entries of positive accomplishments, it will give you motivation to achieve even more.
List your goals in baby steps.  Instead of setting a goal to accomplish the whole thing at once, try breaking it down in tiny steps that need to meet each day. Each time you get to cross off the little steps, you gain more confidence in yourself and you’ll empower yourself to reach the next step until you’ve achieved the primary goal.
Read inspirational quotes.  Search the Internet or purchase a book with lots of inspirational quotes on confidence or self-esteem. Read one of the quotes daily and see if you can apply it to your life throughout the day.
 Here’s a little pocket journal you can fold up and tuck into your pocket or purse!

Self confidence Affirmation Journal

What Don’t You Want in Your Life?

1417367660gy06iWe can feel appreciation not only for things that we have, but also for things we don’t have! For today’s journal entry, turn your ideas about wealth upside down and think of the all the things that you don’t have, which are also things that you don’t want. Use words and art to express your thanks for what you do not have.

~appreciating when absence is presence, Karen

The Magic of Prosperity Thinking

floweringOne of the many magical things about prosperity thinking is its ability to expand and increase exponentially what you focus on. The more we notice and appreciate prosperity already in our lives, the more there is! For today’s micro journal entry, follow these instructions:

Write down five things that you are grateful for Quick – write down five more.
Take a deep breath, and write down five more (oxygen can be one of them!)
And super-lightning fast, write down five more
Once you have written 20 things on one tiny page of your journal, illustrate it if you like — or leave it as is!

~in the excellence of expansion, Karen
Directions for folding journal  micro Journal

Twists and Turns in Your Life Path?

bridgw fogToday, reflect on the path of your life, and all of the unexpected twists and turns that you have found in the terrain. What was a particular challenge?  What can you take from that experience and apply to your life in a positive way?  What unexpected — and perhaps unrecognizable — gifts have you been given on your path?

~taking the road less traveled by, Karen

Curiosity and You

curious doggieWhat are you curious about? What questions are in your heart and soul? What is something you’d love to know tomorrow? For today’ entry, reflect on your splendid curiosity and the way that it helps you forge a unique and prosperous life for yourself. Pay attention to your gratitude for curiosity as you write.

~in the Curious Mode, Karen

Celebrate You

rainbow birdToday’s journal entry is another venture into celebrating your uniqueness. Many times, in the rush of our day, we forget just how great and gloriously unique we are! Make a list (either through words, art, or both) of all the ways that your day today was like nobody’s else’s. Express it in a way that NOBODY else can.  ~loving the new you review, Karen

Celebrating Failure: Finding the Blessing

YouMakeMeFeelTag smallToday’s thought is about feeling appreciation for “failures”. Think of something — either something that has happened recently, or something that happened a while ago — that didn’t go as planned. Look at the experience and find the blessing in it, and write about that! What did you discover?
~thrilled to fail better, Karen

Being the Change

GratefulForTagTake a moment and think about a change you’d like to see in the world.  Then, reflect on the ways that YOU can be the change you want to make in the world.  Create your journal entry while thinking of the ways that you positively impact the lives of the people in your immediate circles, as well as ways that you could continue to cultivate those connections.  Feel a sense of gratitude for your ability to change your environment just by being who you are!

Spinning on the edge of Spring–Karen

Expand Your Creativity

For your micro entry today, express yourself with a new media. For example:

downsized_0417151158* If you are mostly writing your entries, try adding some art or doodles.
* If you are more comfortable with art, try adding some straight journaling.
* If you are writing prose, try poetry.

Open wide to see what comes forth when you give yourself a little bit of room to play!

~from the playroom, Karen

In case you missed the micro journal

Directions for folding journal   micro Journal

Opening the Windows of Opportunity

For your micro entry today, think of something that you want.Fairy (2)

Now, think of the way in which you already have the ESSENCE of that thing in your life NOW.

For example, if you want a new job, get to the bottom of WHY you want the new job. For example, you could determine that you want “freedom.” Now, figure out the ways in which you already have “freedom” in your life now.

And allow your entry to be an expression of that!
Opening my windows, too–Karen

Didn’t get your micro journal? Here are the links again Directions for folding journal   micro Journal