Art is part of prosperity–make something, move something

downsized_0417151356For your micro journal today, reflect on some kind of art that inspired you today.  It could be…

* a piece of music

* a work of visual art

* the dance or movement of a person

* a poem or piece of writing

* a piece of YOUR OWN creative work

* make your own magic!

Didn’t get the micro-journal? Here it is again.

Directions for folding journal   micro Journal

Obstacles as Opportunity

bridgw fogToday, be conscious of looking at your obstacles as fantastic opportunities! Every obstacle or challenge is an opportunity for a new lesson learned and new growth to take place. After a day of focusing on the blessings that are disguised as unpleasant stuff, what comes to mind?

Fast Mood Change

bunnyHere is a simple tool that is the fastest way I know to change your mood. As you go about your life today, make a conscious effort to see the best in people and to send them a private blessing. Friends and strangers…those you interact with and those just walking across the parking lot. If you are sending out “good vibes” to people all day long, it’s virtually impossible to feel anything but GREAT. And hey, feeling great is what abundance is all about!


ChildrenGroup5Our lives are often made up of micro-moments of joy that we do not pause to notice. Joy is a big part of your prosperity, so claim it! Let’s play with micro-journaling for a few days! All you need is a pen and small notebook or paper. (Or download this teeny weekly fold-up journal) Create a tiny “journal entry” that encapsulates a single significant moment of your day. Describe it through art and/or writing, and as you do, really FEEL the sense of appreciation for the richness of your life.

Directions for folding journal micro Journal

micro Journal