The Magic of Prosperity Thinking

floweringOne of the many magical things about prosperity thinking is its ability to expand and increase exponentially what you focus on. The more we notice and appreciate prosperity already in our lives, the more there is! For today’s micro journal entry, follow these instructions:

Write down five things that you are grateful for Quick – write down five more.
Take a deep breath, and write down five more (oxygen can be one of them!)
And super-lightning fast, write down five more
Once you have written 20 things on one tiny page of your journal, illustrate it if you like — or leave it as is!

~in the excellence of expansion, Karen
Directions for folding journal  micro Journal

Curiosity and You

curious doggieWhat are you curious about? What questions are in your heart and soul? What is something you’d love to know tomorrow? For today’ entry, reflect on your splendid curiosity and the way that it helps you forge a unique and prosperous life for yourself. Pay attention to your gratitude for curiosity as you write.

~in the Curious Mode, Karen

Celebrating Failure: Finding the Blessing

YouMakeMeFeelTag smallToday’s thought is about feeling appreciation for “failures”. Think of something — either something that has happened recently, or something that happened a while ago — that didn’t go as planned. Look at the experience and find the blessing in it, and write about that! What did you discover?
~thrilled to fail better, Karen

Art is part of prosperity–make something, move something

downsized_0417151356For your micro journal today, reflect on some kind of art that inspired you today.  It could be…

* a piece of music

* a work of visual art

* the dance or movement of a person

* a poem or piece of writing

* a piece of YOUR OWN creative work

* make your own magic!

Didn’t get the micro-journal? Here it is again.

Directions for folding journal   micro Journal


ChildrenGroup5Our lives are often made up of micro-moments of joy that we do not pause to notice. Joy is a big part of your prosperity, so claim it! Let’s play with micro-journaling for a few days! All you need is a pen and small notebook or paper. (Or download this teeny weekly fold-up journal) Create a tiny “journal entry” that encapsulates a single significant moment of your day. Describe it through art and/or writing, and as you do, really FEEL the sense of appreciation for the richness of your life.

Directions for folding journal micro Journal

micro Journal

Hello Valentine

What If You Speak Different [Love] Languages?

communication-web1015376_1280Love is definitely a major prosperity item–could you ever have too much love? Sometimes how we feel is hard to express to that certain someone or you have trouble communicating. There might be a reason for that! Have you heard of the five love languages? They are based on a book by Gary Chapman and the idea is that we all express love in one of five different ways.

On the flip side, we can also appreciate how love is shown to us differently depending on what our main love language is.

It only makes sense that if you speak one language and your partner a different one, issues can come up and we don’t feel appreciated and loved.

Let’s take a look at what the five love languages are, how you can determine what both yours and your partner’s love language is and what you can do with this new-found knowledge.

The Five Love Languages

The five love languages are gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, and physical touch. Let’s look at each of them and an example of how love can be expressed in this language.


Gifts are physical items of appreciation. They can, but don’t have to be expensive. Jewelry is the perfect example for expressing this particular love language. Go ahead and buy that pair of earrings for your spouse’s birthday, or grab some flowers and a cute stuffed animal for Valentine’s Day. How about tickets to a favorite play or concert?

Quality Time

Here’s the best way to show you care is to spend quality time with your significant other. Go for a walk, have coffee and a chat at your local coffee shop or start taking dance lessons together. Any way you can find to spend time together will work. This could even be driving to and from work together, talking about your day as you drive.

Words Of Affirmationtypewriter web-1062697_1280

Words of affirmation may sound fancy, but it simply means telling your partner you care and giving compliments. Tell her she looks pretty in the new dress or that you love her new haircut. Tell your favorite guy that he’s rocking those jeans or how much you appreciate that he changed the oil in your car. Use your words to show your love.

Acts of Service

Acts of service means you do something for your loved one to show you care. This could be a big gesture like painting the house while your wife is away for a few days, but it can also be the little things. Like making sure the coffee maker is all filled up and set to go in the morning, or taking out the trash. Cooking a favorite meal is another wonderful act of service.

Physical Touch

Thands-web 63743_1280he last love language is physical touch. I’m sure you already guessed this is all about physical affection. Hugs and kisses are the perfect way to show your love, but even simple acts like holding hands or putting your arm around your spouse as you walk around is the perfect public show of affection and it won’t go unnoticed.

Your Love Language and Your Partner’s Love Language

As you were reading through the examples of the different love languages above, you probably recognized one or two that mean more than the others to you. Yes, you may like gifts, but quality time or physical affection may be a lot more meaningful to you.

Go back and read through them again with your partner in mind. How does he show affection? It can be an eye opening experience, if the two of you speak different love languages. If your language is words of affirmation and his is acts of service, you may be disappointed that he doesn’t tell you often how much he loves you or how cute you look. Instead, he may show his love by making sure your car has gas and he gets up early to fix you coffee and eggs before you head into work.

Realizing that there are different ways to show love and affection helps us recognize how the other one shows their love.

Expressing Love and Romance In The Right “Language”

From there, you can take it a step further. Adjust how you express love and romance to be more in line with your partner’s love language. If he’s all about acts of service, cook him a nice meal, or make sure the toys in the living room are picked up so the two of you can relax in the living room after the kids go to bed.

Give it a try and see if speaking several love languages and paying attention to how your partner wants and needs to be shown affection doesn’t strengthen your relationship and marriage

flamingo web-600205_1280

Welcome to Autumn

leavesMy two favorite seasons are spring and fall-and I love fall most of all. The sense of hurry and briskness about it.  Everything and everyone seems to be rushing to get ready for the winter that is already breathing down the backs of our necks. I know that, but still–beauty is part of my view of prosperity and autumn is beautiful.

All summer long the trees have had their fill of sunshine, drinking it in all the long, hot green days of July and August. In October, even the air takes on a yellowness, like the trees, a soft buttery lemon that makes everything seem as though it were frosted in sunshine. And of course the trees are resplendent; all the sun they have absorbed through their leaves begins the reverse process, sunlight flowing out through the once-green leaves, until they look like a forest of suns, from sunrise colors to lush sunsets. At dusk, it almost seems the trees are lit from within, and they burn in the closing darkness like huge candles – bright in the whispering twilight, leaves falling, tumbling down the streets on the edges of a sharp wind. And I love it, and I miss the smell of burning leaves and the smoke hanging heavy in the yellow air of years gone by.

Prosperity Walk April 17

Today is about finding the prosperity of art in your life. “You are the artist of your own life–why not create a masterpiece?” This is the premise of  Think You Can LLC  a coaching company associated with Rich Chicks.  This truth I hold close to my heart–I know the magic of belief in yourself and your own dreams.

So today was a double helping of art, because I had coffee and quiche with Sharon Leah a highly creative writer and artist. Sharing time with people like Sharon enriches your soul and magnifies your prosperity in so many different ways.  Doesn’t her work make you want to get out your pens and paper? Oh, and Blick’s is having a sale on them. Check out their website for a store location near you. Michael’s has a 50% off coupon–check out what they have, too.


Met at Swede Hollow. Great coffee. Sorry we ate the quiche before we remembered to photo.


Expect magic, and remember YOU are the magic! Happy Friday!


Sharon Leah with her newest work. Aren’t they spectacular?


Close up of her work.


15 Minute Knee Walks April 14

.RUn-run-run day. Start with a medium latte with an extra shot. Off to St. Vincent dePaul on West Seventh. Then to Lund’s Penfield. Then home.





Hacks To Add Fun & Excitement To Your Life

If life isn’t about having fun and enjoying yourself, what is it about? If you’re not having fun regularly, you’re missing out on the entire point of being. If you’re all work and no play, try these tips to get you started on your new life of fun and excitement.

  •  Never 00smStop Learning – Some people stop learning the moment they graduate from school. But, the world is so full of information and answers it’s important to always be in the process of learning something new. Learning keeps your brain functioning at a higher level, too.
  • Be Mindful – Many people just aren’t present in their life in the moment they’re living. Instead, they’re thinking of another day. “When I turn 18…”, “When I get my degree …”, “When I win the lottery.” You’ve likely heard yourself say something like this before. Instead, try being truly present with whatever is going on right now. Enjoy the smells, the conversation, and experience life at full throttle.
  • Take Your Time – Being in a hurry all the time can make you miss the joy in your life. You feel as if you never have enough time to accomplish your goals or  do anything fun. But if you learn to take your time and sometimes do nothing, you’ll begin to redevelop your childhood sense of wonder and joy.beachIS934-033
  •  Be Daring – At least once a year do something out of your comfort zone such as public speaking, hiking a high mountain, running a marathon, or something else that challenges you. Only you can know what that might be. Have a new adventure each year, and you’ll stay young and have more fun throughout your entire life.
  •  Get Moving – The more oxygen you intake, the more happy you’ll feel. Instead of being irritated by your neighbor’s loud music, let loose and dance. You’ll be a lot happier and healthier due to it.
  •  Smile More – It might seem like a silly thing to do, but practice smiling even when you wouldn’t normally smile. Smile as you walk through the grocery store. Smile while waiting in line at the post office. To get the smile going, simply think of a happy time in your life, or a special person.
  •  Enjoy Nature – Humans are meant to be part of nature and to feel grass on our feet. Take time each day to notice and enjoy as much nature as you can. You’ll feel more connected to the world, and naturally have more fun just being.relax one
  •  Let Go of Perfection – The truth is, no one is perfect and striving for perfection can totally trash your sense of joy and happiness when you fall short, which we all do. You still want to reach for being great, but never expect perfection.
  •  Encourage Others – Motivating others can make you feel happier and more satisfied with your own life. Give out compliments freely, and help boost others up as often as you can. In the end you’ll be boosting yourself.

Throw caution to the wind and do something you really want to do. Stop the all work and no play lifestyle and learn to have and be fun again.