Positive Self-Talk and Your Health

How Positive Self-Talk Helps You Care For Yourself

Did you know that the way you think could significantly dictate your health and how you take care of yourself?

Yes, as it turns out, it does matter how you look at the glass being half full or half empty. If you’re a woman, it is even more important to cultivate positive self-talk, because of the proven benefits to your health.

And just to be clear—those voices in your head are there every hour of our waking existence, even if you’ve never taken the time to notice. Read on to learn how noticing what you say to yourself can help you.

Positive Self-Talk Reduces Stress

Regardless of what anyone would have you believe, the fact is women are exposed to more stressful situations than men. It is the way of the maternal provider, as women are typically tasked with home and child rearing responsibilities, in addition to also perhaps being fully employed.

You’ve had those days when stress gets the better of you- maybe the kids are sick, or there’s an issue of some kind that urgently needs fixing.  Depressing self-talk can lead to a negative spiral. Negative emotions spiral down, pulling us into ever darker, unhappier and more painful states. Use positive self-talk to re-affirm to yourself that you are capable, that you will survive, and that you are smart and absolutely good enough. Never feel insignificant—that is the fastest way to compound negative emotions.

Positive Self-Talk Motivates You

Be proactive and self-motivated. A great example of this is going to the gym. Was this one of your 2019 resolutions? It’s easy to find ways to talk yourself out of going, right? On the flip side of the coin,  it is very doable to talk yourself into going. Maybe you want to fit into those flattering pair of jeans this summer, or look totally gorgeous in that bridesmaid dress you are set to wear in the coming months.

Positive Self-Talk Improves Relationships

These can be relationships with friends or family, but are more often associated with a significant other. Positive thoughts and self-talk is beneficial to build a healthy relationship. The confidence of knowing that you are valued and worth a damn is the way to get the respect you deserve. Do not devalue yourself, as it is very possible the world would start seeing you the way you see yourself. So see yourself as your best possible self—the person you know you are and want the world to see.

It Helps You During Times Of Great Difficulty

Financial hardships are a common occurrence to many people today and end up breaking the best of us. However, instead of wallowing in self-pity, helpful self-talk is the way to go. If you have a fixed income job, you could talk yourself into picking up a side gig using a skill you have or you can make a goal of doing better next month (if your livelihood depends on sales and marketing).

Some women take loss too personal, for example the end of a relationship. Grieving is normal, but it is important for you to realize that you gave it your best.

 Positive Self Talk Is Good For Your Health

Women who practice positive self-talk regularly are at the lowest risk of developing certain chronic conditions, such as heart disease. Stress plays a large role in development of high blood pressure and heart disease, and- you guessed it, positive talk does wonders. Your immune system is also boosted “no germs can keep me down!”

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