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10 Essential Habits of Prosperity-Minded Women Teleclass

10 Essential Habits of Prosperity-Minded Women Teleclass

Tools to think and act prosperously. Anybody can earn wealth, but very few people have the ability to prosper. Living prosperously requires knowing how to think and “do” within a system that is not always working on your behalf.

This teleclass is perfectly suited to people who are already exploring ways to master wealth and want to understand how to match their mindset to their actions and build a sustainable model of wealth AND prosperity by utilizing all of their resources.

This class offers one of the most comprehensive collections of actions, thoughts and tools that are necessary in order to think, participate and prosper in the world. The style is informative, funny, and motivational.  Audiences all over the world have gained new insights on prosperity minded lifestyles and you will too.

Benefits of taking this teleclass:

  • Open up to new ways of doing — not just thinking
  • Look at and solve problems differently
  • See and understanding the choices you have right in front of you
  • Gain a wider perspective on the actions and thought patterns that must work together in tandem in order to live prosperously.

In this fun, informative teleclass, Rich Chicks founder Mickey Mikeworth uses humor and real life stories and examples to help you learn prosperity thinking and actions. You leave this with your own “a ha” connect of what you’ve been missing as well as a new understanding of the core practices of prosperous thinking including:

  • The real purpose of money
  • How your perspective about the work you do influences your livelihood
  • The role of beliefs and values in determining how much wealth you have
  • Why creating wealth is so much harder than creating prosperity
  • How your network is deciding the amount of your paycheck and the quality of your life
  • The important role of play to keeping a prosperity mindset
  • And more!

You’ll be able to put your new knowledge to work immediately with a whole new perspective on the world.  Click here for next class date

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