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Monetary Identity: Moving Up

Monetary Identity: Moving Up

As women grow into higher earning potentials, the unspoken rules for success change.  Implied meanings that women may not be aware of and personal positioning as a whole person becomes just as important as a written resume.  Many women are left to figure out how to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want  and need to go.

Overall Objectives:  Understanding the gap of growth and connecting women with the tools needed to  construct a lifestyle which includes personal values, current resources and social position.  At the end of the class series, participants will connect their personal values and areas of growth and create a plan for a new monetary identity:  one that realizes a holistic and prosperous standard of living.

  1. Understanding the Gap:  Learn your own gap by identifying old patterns and reward systems that no longer fit.
  2. Values Based Lifestyle:  Identify your top five values, and describe how or what resources are being directed towards your values.
  3. Life-Force Energy:  Learn to identify the importance of their time in relation to their values.
  4. Monetary Identity, Part 1:  Learn to recognize the multitude of monetary relationships and describe how their time, resources, and values create an identity.
  5. Monetary Identity, Part 2:  Create a holistic monetary identity that corresponds with your current values, resources and goals.
  6. Pulling it Together and Moving Forward:  Establish a goal plan, a “gap map” for closing your gap by integrating values into their monetary identity.

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