Monetary Identity

 Monetary Identity 

Ever wish your life had a GPS, so you could just type in where you want your life to go and you would magically have that life? 

Great idea, right? Rich Chicks doesn’t have a magical life GPS, but we do have a fabulous opportunity for you–the six class series Monetary Identity (Getting Where You Want to Go). You already have the power to create a life you love–you get six weeks with an extraordinary leader to make the journey through the jungle of old beliefs and fears to the new place you want to be.

Rich Chicks Monetary Identity™ (MI) class is one of our flagship education opportunities and has often been called life-changing by participants. MI can help you get clarity on your values, resources and where you are now in your life. You will learn what you must know to get you where you dream of going in your life.  Discover your gap–the one between where you are now and where you want to be. You will create a map to bridge that gap in six deeply enriching in-person small group sessions. Discover and understand the gap of your growth and connect with the tools needed to construct a lifestyle that includes personal values, current resources and social position in order to realize a holistic and prosperous standard of living.  At the end of class, participants will identify areas of growth and personal values to create a new corresponding monetary identity.

Check back for the next class opportunity–we only do this once a year.


Mickey Mikeworth, CFO, Mikeworth Consulting


Your guide is wealth guru Mickey Mikeworth, one of the top women in finance two years in a row–recently named Mentor of the Year by WeMN. Count on being amazed at Mickey’s knowledge and insights about business–your business.


Here’s a little Self confidence Affirmation Journal for you to fold up and tuck in your pocket or purse!