Super Chick Awards

Personal Awards

Trailblazing and Risk Taking
Barbara Moore
Dr. Annie Seefeldt
Mary Hayes Grieco

Spreading Wealth and Worldwide Thinking
Poppy Potter
Linda Cullen Weiley
Linda Laitalia

Personal Strength and Acts of Courage
Stephanie Laitala
Latanya Binion

Business Awards

Annette Rondano
Great business
Caroline Melberg
Mary Albright
Great Product
Tracy Dyer

Kasia Organic Salon–Gala Starring Sponsor

Kasia Organic Salon brings you renewal, relaxation, rejuvenation, beauty, education, and well-being. Welcome to Beautiful Health!
Location 822 West 50th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55419 phone612-824-7611

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Volunteers Needed
Volunteers are needed for the Welcome Home Project that helps women get out of the shelter and into their own homes.
I want to help!
RICH CHICKS is one of the only prosperity based financial education companies in the United States! We educate women to identify and erase prosperity-blocking behaviors from their lives.

Our mission statement:
We are an independent resource for financial education, where women upgrade their relationship to wealth through outreach and dynamic education that ROCKS!

We teach rock solid financial information alongside the concept of constructing personal abundance.

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You can interact locally and internationally with people of diverse cultures who share common global values. Check it out here:

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