Welcome Home Program

Chicks need to nest!

Rich Chicks works with families from Project Secure for up to six months before they transition into permanent housing from the homeless shelter.

Our Rich Chick community donates new items bought for the specific needs of the family, and they also donate gently used items.

Our Development Board, our staff, and Rich Chick volunteers pull together a series of gift packages for each family member and an additional package for the household as a whole. It ends up to be a full carload, takes two people to deliver, and about 9 -16 hours to coordinate. We try to make sure that each child has a NEW outfit, a special toy, coloring supplies, healthy snacks, books, new socks, new towels, a backpack, and toiletry items.

Our volunteer coordinator keeps track of these families, invites them to our events, and gives them a chance to hang out with women who are NOT in transition. We believe that is the KEY to building a lifeline OUT of poverty- having a positive friend base and a community to be a part of.

If you would like to be part of the team- contact Catherine our volunteer coordinator.

Help a Chick nest.