Small Business Boot Camp

SO –think you know everything about yourself, and you just don’t see how you could increase your income or enhance your business without new resources? Small Business Boot Camp uses the magic of turning present resources into assets. Exploring what you already have to increase your income. Originally called Gray Market Income because it started as a class about micro-businesses–turning a hobby into a business. It has grown into a full-fledged boot camp for people wanting to start a business or wanting to change a business they have already started. This is a very popular class and is offered only once a year and always has a waiting list.

Why is it so popular? Mickey Mikeworth leads this class, which gives you 18 hours of education with one of the best small business minds around. Her time alone is worth $3,600. She manages 50 brands that she has helped bring into reality and prosperity.

How to tell if Gray Market Small Business Boot Camp is for you:

  1. If your budget won’t budge—why not figure out how to increase your income instead? Use your gray matter to create Gray Market Income!  Increase the quality of your life with very little pocket money by using your present talents and skills. This small interactive group class will help you explore your skills, build your STAR model, a unique map of your resources, network and possibilities.
  2. If you already have a business and want to learn how your business can benefit from a new look and new ideas, GMI is for you. The STAR model is one of the most original and effective marketing systems around.
  3. If you want to get the amazing value of quality time with a proven small business expert.
  4. If you want to get input from other entrepreneurs who are on the small business path.

Gray Market helps you find a STAR in yourself that you never saw before. Original, thought-provoking content, group support and stimulating presentation of material. Top-notch presenter, Mickey Mikeworth will guide you through this amazing class.  View her profile

Discover the power of Gray Market Income—sign up for the six session class series.


                                  Some reviews from Boot Camp Graduates:

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Testimonial Video 2 

  I liked how you put things into a “quick use” format. I went right home and measured the ideas I had to see if they would be profitable. This class helped me figure out that my idea of starting an errand running company was not nearly as profitable as coaching other people on how to set up and do online and automatic bill paying. I did my home work and I already have two customers. That was $150 in my pocket right away. 


Lisa from Minneapolis

 WHOA! I can’t believe you are really using my story! That is sooo awesome! I am the “spoon guy” that is highlighted in this class (I heard from a friend who went to your class that you were talking about me). My finance class was the test market when Rich Chicks invented this class…, I am a real person, and I really do clean spoons in my dorm for to help pay my dorm feesr.

Marty At U of M  Morris

 I have to admit, it was my first time at a CHICK event and I was impressed.  I loved this class! It was way more informative that I ever thought.  I had a friend who swears by your classes who dragged me and I am so glad she did. You will see me again.

Tiasha from Burnsville