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Want to be a Card-Carrying RICH CHICK™?

Now you can be a Rich Chick! We have created several levels of memberships—one of them is right for you. Why hang with Rich Chicks? Rich Chicks are women of all ages who have courage, community and creative brilliance. Wouldn’t YOU want to increase your prosperity through this community?

All memberships help support the Rich Chicks mission: We are an independent resource for financial education, where women upgrade their relationship to wealth through outreach and dynamic education that ROCKS!

Number One Reason to Become a Rich Chicks Member – Help Us Help You- LIVE RICH!

Rich Chicks is not a nonprofit organization—we are a socially conscious membership organization, founded in 1998, that helps its members create prosperity by direct services and community connection. We provide a space to learn, meet people and build community along with rock-solid education. We grow mentoring relationships and business partnerships. We deliver prosperity education in both in-depth series and workshops, one-on-one coaching services, happy hours, and other social events. We have an annual Gala Event that acknowledges and celebrates women who inspire the world—and thar’s just the start of what we do!

By becoming a PAID member, you help support our community services. Our average payback: every ONE dollar you invest in Rich Chicks Membership ends up providing $100 into the larger community.